CSV, XML, PDF Export

There is no limit of entries anymore concerning the export as XML,CSV or PDF (Previously there was a limit of 20000 entries). But keep in mind, that the creation of large reports will take a considerable amount of time and load. Depending on your hardware the download of very large reports may take several minutes and currently no feedback is given by the service when a „Download report“ request is made. (This will be added in future versions).

The field description applies to the CSV columns!

  • time: the node contains a formatted time string of the local time
  • object: the PBX object name (also called cn)
  • conference id: the conference id of the call
  • call: int (internal) or ext (external) call
  • Original Called,: In case of Call flow; The original called device
  • Diverting,: In case of Call flow; The diverting device
  • Transferring,: In case of Call flow; The transferring device
  • node: the node of the PBX object
  • pbx: the pbx of the PBX object
  • phys: physical location name of the pbx
  • cause: the decimal disconnect reason of the call (see Reference:ISDN_Cause_Codes)
  • remote:
    • outgoing calls → dialed endpoint
    • incoming calls → first ep2 above entry event or entry event if this is the first one
    • incoming calls with incoming transfer after entry event → transfer target
  • status:
    • outgoing calls → best found status in call flow
    • incoming calls → status of entry event
  • type: the type of the entry event or, if not set, the type of the next event, if given
    • empty: direct call
    • ct: call transfer
    • cf: call forward
    • cct: call transfer with consultation
    • pu: call pickup
  • direction: o (outgoing) if the first event is the entry event and the caller is ep1
  • direction: i (incoming) if not o
  • alert-duration: alert time
  • Billing Duration: the duration, a user must be billed for
    • outgoing call → duration from the first event until the last event in the flow
    • incoming call → duration from the first transfer/forward event until the last event in the flow
  • call-duration/Call Duration (Total): duration of the whole call, e.g. with the duration of a subsequent transfer
  • conn-duration/Call Duration (User): just the time, the user was connected. Duration from the entry event until the event, where the local endpoint isn't connected any more
  • Further Registration: If more than one devices is registered to the same object, each device creates a CDR. This field identifies the additional CDRs for the same call
  • Object Info: combination of object names and number
  • Date: extracted date only from the time_string
  • Time_2: extracted time only from the time_string

Note that a CSV export doesn't contain the whole call flow!

Legend of used symbols:

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